Thursday, January 7, 2016

Auld Lang Syne

For a country which highly values New Years, I just went out to my favorite local bar and got drunk. So yea, not all that different than America for me. I spent the night talking to the company's head of sales and picked his brain some - good guy. There was a countdown, celebration, and drinking. While like America, it felt very off. In Japan, it’s mostly a family holiday where everyone gets together. The people I spent the evening with were probably other lone dogs like myself. Perhaps the strangest part of it all was that the next day when I was nursing my hangover with water, my friends and family back home were just getting ready for the ball to drop.

Verdict, living in the future is hard.

So my New Year's activities were actually not the point of this post, I just figured the topic was right appropriate. So, after work today I went grocery shopping with one of my coworkers, Auld Lang Syne (you know, the New Year’s Song) came on and just out of curiosity I asked her if this song is big on New Years? She said no, but it’s very commonly played when stores are closing as a sort of “time to scram” deal. Coincidentally, the supermarket was closing. I thought that was an interesting different cultural point. That’s all.

Continue with whatever you were doing.

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